Sex Techniques That Are Awesome and Exciting – You Should Never Miss These!

Friend, if recently you notice one situation that your girl is somehow reluctant to have sex with you or she seems like does not enjoy the sex at all, it is one kind of indication that she may be bored of the sexual relationship with you. This is a serious crisis and it may harm your relationship with her.

There are too many reason that cause this problem but you may go for this direction – The lack of great sex techniques to hit the jackpot. You should definitely try to learn more awesome sex techniques and boost up your man power on bed in order to make her scream crazily on bed!

Actually, it is quite a common scenario that girl loss their final touch of orgasm at the critical time. They somehow feel that it is not as good as they thought or they are distracted by something happening around when having sex. This can also be blamed on your sex technique is unable to fully capture her attention and build up the sexual tension that make her simply focus on having sex. So, now you have to learn a new term – Fuse Blower. This simply means that you should blow your girl at the last touch of peak and cannot let her loss focus. You have to push over the limit and eventually she will reach her climax and grant you her erotic scream!

In order to do so, there are a few simple sex techniques available. I am going to show you two of them:

Great sex technique 1 – Double Grip

If she is riding on you with the cowgirl position, you should give her a unexpected grab over her buttock, she will definitely be turned on because of your powerful grab. This is due to the sensitiveness of human buttock is actually very sensitive to touches because it has lots of nerve ends. Moreover, you can add in some teasing by fondling around her butt during the thrusting, test it yourself!

Well, if you have communicate with her, you can also spank her while in action, but it is not recommended for girls who are a bit conservative and dislike this kind of playful stuff. You have to fine tune the tempo in order to provide the best pleasure for both of you.

Great sex technique 2 – Up Shift

During the missionary position, you got to shift your body and lean forward. The reason behind is that you will have more contact of your penis with her clitoris during thrusting. And with more contact means more sexual arousal for sure.

In order to provide you with more sexy and orgasmic sex techniques tips. You should close her legs and straddle her. By doing so, it will increase the clitoral stimulation and blast her into sexual sensation in an easy way.

I believe that these 2 great sex techniques are not complicated and they will definitely boost the sexual pleasure for both of you. Test them out tonight if you never do them before. You should know that she really desired to have some awesome sex recently, grant her and let her know how good you are!



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